12 inch Scale Figure Luke Skywalker
12"人偶 天行者•路克








4.First thing to notice is the difference of their height.
Sideshow's is a bit too high and Medicom's is a bit too short.
The perfect height is somewhere in between.


5.I have to say Sideshow's body really sucks like hell. Terrible !
Medicom's body is much much better than Sideshow's.
Besides....Sideshow's Luke has "monkey-like" long arms > <


6.Next we see Sideshow's suit is in one piece but Medicom's has shirt and pants.


7.Also Sideshow has better design on the shirt.
The white piece on the chest has wire inside and can be bended.


8.Head sculpt. I personally think Sideshow's HS likeness is better,
even though he has weird facial expression and the size is way tooooooo big.


9.Medicom Luke's robe beats Sideshow's easily.
From materials to finishing are all much better. Sideshow's robe is pretty crapy.


10.Now we will see how terrible Sideshow's body is.
It is really difficult to pose Sideshow's Luke and not looks weird > <


11.I like Sideshow's leather belt. Very well done.
It is very easy to put on and stay. Medicom totally lost here.
Medicom's belt is all rubber and too short. Very difficult to use.


12.Well, lightsabers. I will say Medicom's is more accurate to the 1:1 props : ) ,
and it has brilliant detatchable blade design.
I also like the shape of the blade on Medicom Luke's lightsaber.
-Top 2 are SS


13.-The 2 on the left are SS.


14.Both of them have several hands,
but Sideshow's only has one hand with glove
and I hope it would have more than one. -Sideshow



Overall, Sideshow's Luke is well worth the money and also is Medicom's if you got it in around $125 USD range.
I picked up my Medicom Luke over ebay for $110 shipped, which I consider a pretty good deal.
But I will not pay more than $125. I will try to modify my Sideshow Luke, and hope to post the result soon.